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Written by Matthew Begg for the 2023 BASIC 10-liner competition. Please note that writing programs for the ZX81 in only 10 lines is really difficult as you can only have one statement per line.



ZXWORD is a simple word processor application for the Sinclair ZX81 (16KB RAM pack required). Documents can be saved, loaded and printed as required.



To start the program, load via LOAD "". 

Just start typing to create your document. You can add text a letter, word, sentence or paragraph at a time. Press NEW LINE to add text to your document.

Press NEW LINE on its own to move to the next line in your document.

There are a few commands that you type starting with a '*' character:

*Dnnn - deletes a number of characters from the document. So, for example, to delete the last 8 characters, type '*D8'. To delete an entire line, use the command '*D32' (no spaces). 

*P - prints the document to the ZX Printer.

*Sfilename - saves the current document to tape with the filename provided. So, for example, to save a document called 'NOTES', use the command '*SNOTES' (no spaces).

To load a previously saved document, load it from tape as you would a normal program (either with LOAD "" or LOAD "FILENAME")

Known issues

===== ======

- There is a hard limit to the length of each document of 639 characters. 

- You can't edit earlier pieces of text, you can only delete from your current position with the '*D' command.

- You can't start entering text with a '?' character as it will crash the program. 

- If the program crashes, type 'GOTO 2' to return to your document without losing your work.

Line descriptions

==== ============

- Line 1 (9 characters): initialise the document (variable D$).

- Line 2 (98 characters): draw the screen including the toolbar at the bottom, the title at the top, the document itself and the cursor.

- Line 3 (8 characters): take input from the user.

- Line 4 (61 characters): add the text entered to the current document (assuming a command hasn't been entered, and you haven't filled the screen).

- Line 5 (65 characters): if the save command is entered (*S), save the document to tape using the filename entered.

- Line 6 (25 characters): if the print command is entered, print the document to the ZX Printer.

- Line 7 (91 characters): if the delete command is entered, delete the provided number of characters from the document.

- Line 8 (116 characters): if NEW LINE is pressed (i.e. no text is entered), go to the next line. This is done by adding a certain number of spaces to the document to get the cursor to the start of the next line.

- Line 9 (54 characters): if the delete command was used earlier, clear the screen to make sure the old characters don't reappear.

- Line 10 (6 characters): end of the main loop. Goes back to line 2 to redraw the screen.

Variables (as they first appear in the program listing)


The entire program only uses two variables:

- D$: string containing the entire document

- I$: string containing the text entered by the user


ZXWORD.p 750 bytes
ZXWORD - information.txt 2 kB
ZXWORD - listing.txt 759 bytes

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