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ZOLTAR (Knows All)

Brian Handova


Zoltar is a magical entity that will answer any question in the future. (must be phrased for a yes-or-no response) When Zoltar is ready, simply imagine a question in your mind, then after pressing ENTER Zoltar will reveal his answer.

Code Explanation

10 Prints Game Title

15 Prints Instructions

20 Waits for the ENTER key to be pressed.

30 Picks a randon number between 1 and 2 

and assigns it to the variable X

40 Clears the screen

50 Prints the top half of YES, if X=1

60 Prints the bottom half of YES, if X=1

70 Prints the top half of NO, if X=2

80 Prints the bottom half of NO, if X=2

100 Goes to the beginning and starts again.


Zoltar running instructions.txt 580 bytes
Zoltar code explanation.txt 511 bytes

Install instructions

ZOLTAR can be run from the EightyOne emulator running with standard ZX81/TS1000 settings. 


Press RUN, then ENTER

Player imagines a question in the future.

Player presses ENTER.

After ZOLTAR answers, he is immediately ready for the next questions.

Break to STOP the program.

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