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* Vulcan XL25 TVC *

by FeCO, 2023

Extreme-256 Category

Computer: VideoTON TV-Computer (TVC), Basic 1.2

Recommended emulator: WinTVC

My next program for the 2023 BASIC10Liner contest. Its a logical game based on Vulcan XL25, which is a 5x5 led dislayed logical game from 1983, so is 40 yeards old. Made in Hong Kong, but its developed in Hungary by László Mérő, Ferenc Szatmári, Ilona and Gábor Dávid, then the project was handled by Róbert Srein from Andromeda. It sold almost worldwide, then its became a rarity. You may know this game as Tiger Lights Out from 1993.

It wont be an easy game, you can read "The Ultimate in computerised frustration" in the manual...

This game is an extended one: you can play 3x3 to 8x8 tables, "x" or "+" mode (but it lacks the knight mode), and can be set random start.

First, you have the set the table size (1-6) -> 3x3 to 8x8 (if you completed a stage the next level will be a bigger table until 8x8 size);

then Mode (1:+,2:x) the type of the pointer: x or +

finally Normal(1) or Random(2) mode: when you select 'Normal' then a pointer will be lights up at the center of the table. In 'Random' mode, there will be random set tables, in this mode the next stage will be bigger and you have to do more moves to complete the stage.


WASD - move the selector

Space - utilize the pointer

R - reset the level (in random mode it will reset only the move counter, you will show different screen than the start.

Q - quit to main menu

M - mute


Program lines:

1 - Main menu, asks the table size (M), pointer type (MD), Random or Normal Game mode (R), set the graphic mode, colors 

 2 - M>9 you will seen the ending screen with a colorful "COMPLETED" sign then restart the game, else draws the table 

 3 - display  the pointer on the center of the table in normal mode, and set the random stage when Random mode selected 

 4 - Keyboard handling: WASD moving the selector, R - restarts the level 

 5 - Space - set and display the pointer, M - mute sounds 

 6 - Controls the selector movements 

 7 - If all is "light"(red) so P=MxM then Stage completed, table size increased and go to 2 line. Else goto4 - keyboard handling 

 8 - Draws the selector with sound 

10 - check the elements of the pointer and switch the "lights" based on 

 9 - set the pointer to x or +

Have fun!


VulcanXL25_B10L.cas 1 kB
VulcanXL25_B10L.rtf 3 kB

Install instructions

Download WinTVC emulator from tvc.hu. You will find 'emulators' Section (as Emulátorok - green fonts) if you scroll down the menu on the left side of the homepage, seek 'WINTVC' (cyan) title, and click 'LETÖLTÉS' below. On the next page click 'WinTVC', extract the .zip file to desired folder, then just click WinTVC.exe or WinTVCx64 depends your OS. Please wait a while, then TVC ROM starts by a blue desktop. Then press any key, after that picture will switch to black and you should see BASIC version and free memory. This emulator can emulate all of the TVC series.

To load the program, please press ALT+C and select 'VulcanXL25_B10L.cas' from the folder where you downloaded that, and click 'OK'. Type 'RUN' and have fun!

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