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Game title: Tuneup

Author: Michal "stRing" Radecki-Mikulicz/Agenda

Year: 2022

Category: PUR-80 (max 80 characters per line, with abbreviations)

Platform: 8-bit Atari XL/XE system


The notes have fallen out of the sheet music and the Great Pianist can't play the etude. You are the green note that has to strike the 20 lost blue notes scattered on music staff (Fig.1) . You have to do it in as few moves as possible, so that the impatient audience can listen to the Great Pianist's etude as soon as possible.

How to play:

You move the green note around the playfield (music Staff) using the joystick in port 1. You can move left and right across the edge of the board, but you cannot move beyond the top and bottom edges. There are 5 stages in the game. In each of them you have to strike 4 notes, and you should do it in as few moves as possible. You can only strike a note (half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note) when you have taken the shape of the note you want to strike. You can change yourself into a different note by moving around the board (Fig.2). After level 5 game ends and player must type RUN and press RETURN key to restart the game.

Each move by one field is a change of one symbol. Strike is possible from each side: ex. top to bottom, right to left and so on. At the end of the game the score is given - the number of moves made. The fewer the better!

Code explanation is in tuneup.pdf file along with photos.

Install instructions

How to start a game:

a) install an Altirra 4.00 Atari 8-bit Emulator and with Basic turn on, run TUNEUP.ATR image disc file, or

b) use real hardware (any XL/XE 8-bit Atari system will work) and floppy disc emulator like Sio2SD, SDrive Max, etc. Power on with Basic turn on.


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