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* TRON264 PUR80 *

by FeCO, 2023

Basic10Liner Contest, PUR-80 Category


First you have to choose 1,2 or 3 player game.

If you coose 2-3: The game is a well-known Tron/Rasterrunner game. Try to catch the opponent and avoid to touch their lines or the wall.

If the game finished, the dead players number will shown.

In one player mode, you have to collect colored pixels (you can earn 2 or 3 points), except the green ones, you cant touch that one (or the walls, or your body). In this mode the TRON logo disappears.

If you would like sound, type VOL4 and press enter before utilize the RUN command.


Player 1: "Z" , "X"

Player 2: "," , "."

Player 3: left, and right arrows


Program lines:

0 - Set players number (P), Store the keys, set the graphic mode

1-3 - Set the colors, and draw TRON logo

4  - Set colors, Draw the walls, store the start positions,set the timer

5 - Store movement datas,set the keyboard repeat off

6 - Read keypresses, and make sound (if VOL4 used)

7 - Control the limitations, in 1 player mode drayw the points

8 - Check collision/ Finish the game (P=0) if there was a collision, count points when 1 player mode selected

9 - If still in game, draw the movements, else show the player number who dead (I), and the time of the game.

Have fun!



Tron264_PUR80.prg 727 bytes
Tron264_PUR80.rtf 1 kB

Install instructions

Recommended emulator: Yape

Install the emulator then File/load PRG, select Tron.PRG, and click "Megnyitas".

Type RUN and press Return(Enter).

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