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Title: THE NURSE (MSX) basictenliners.


Author-Juan Morales(@juanmoralesgui1)



INSTRUCTIONS: Our protagonist is a nurse whose mission is to bring as many vaccines as she can to the hospital crossing the streets infected by the virus, these will be increasingly aggressive. CONTROL, are the up, down, left and right cursors.


line 10- We establish screen mode, draw on page1 the blocks to be copied for the map, paint marker, start variables, load sprites and read screen map and draw.

line 20- The protagonist arrives at the Hospital, her goal, raises the level and starts again, the keyboard is also read for control.

lines 21,22,23,24- Moves the protagonist in the direction pressed and detects if he encounters an obstacle.

line 30- Movement of enemies (viruses).

line 100- Activate sprite collision, screen mapper reads data and prints screen scenario.

line 110- sound collision with virus. Datas of the scene.

line 120-datas sprites.


thenurse.dsk 720 kB
THE NURSE.txt 1 kB

Install instructions

Load: RUN"NURSE.bas"

Development log

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