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rem --------------------------------------------------------
 rem --- SUPERBLITZ Throttle Control 2/2023 
 rem --- basic10liner.com competition verison for the Commodore 64 home Computer 
 rem -------------------------------------------------------
 rem --- Multiple Waves over differently colored Sky's and Cities
 rem --- More optical illusions: Some color combinations create unreal artifacting such as textured bricks -
 rem --- complete several rounds and describe what you encounter!
 rem --- note: Classic hardware and a CRT required to experience artifacting textures and additional illusions
 rem --- unique features - you control your speed and difficulty increases as you play
 rem --- BW switch (shift-lock) pegs the throttle (Advanced) 
 rem --- Each wave achieved keeps it's colors in Attract mode! 
 rem --- Unlimited continues until powering off the console!
 rem -- this game is written in SuperCharger BASIC cross compatible with the Commodore 64 Home Computer and Atari 2600 Video Computer System
 rem -- find out more at: http://relationalframework.com/GameLoader_C64_Atari_emulator_with_SuperCharger_B...
 rem -------------------------------------------------------
0 data city 5,9,6,9,7,6,7,5,9,5,5,5,5,6,6,7,5,8,5,8,7,5,8,8,5,5,6,6,7,5,7,8,9,8,8,7,8,9,5,6,8,5,9,6,6,7,5,7,5,5,8,5
1 if g=0 or CXP0FB>126 then CXCLR=0:for j=0 to 9:player1(j)=189:player0(j)=pl(j):rowcolors(j)=178+w:next j else goto 3
2 for j=20 to 71:k=j-20:k=city(k):for i=k to 9:vwpixel(j,i,on):next i,j:player0y=96:player0x=84:y=11:g=1:w=16*z
3 if f<player0y/52 and joy0right=0 and SWCHB|247=255 then f=f+1:goto 9 else AUDC1=7:AUDF1=BITIndex/5:AUDV1=BITIndex:f=0
4 AUDV0=f:scrollvirtualworldtoggle=1:BITIndex=BITIndex+1:missile0x=missile0x+2:data pl 0,224,127,231,252,192,128,0
5 if joy0fire=1 and y>8 then AUDF0=12:AUDC0=9:SUSTAINFORFRAMES=7:x=BITIndex+9:i=96-player0y:i=i/10:y=1+i:remPlayahTune 
6 if y<10 then vwpixel(x,y,bindplayer1):COLUP1=M(y):y=y+1:data M 122,138,12,170,154,250,234,218,202,186,42,58,74,28   
7 if y<10 and vwpixel(x,y,poll)>0 then vwpixel(x,y,flip):player1x=0:player1y=0:AUDC0=y:y=21:AUDF0=4:AUDV0=15:rem Hit! 
8 if BITIndex>71 then BITIndex=0:player0y=player0y-2 else missile1x=missile1x+1:missile1y=missile1y+3:rem SUPERBLITZ 86
9 if player0y=0 then g=0:player0colors(3)=14:player0colors(4)=112+z:COLUBK=M(z)-10:z=z+1 else missile0y=missile0y+2


blitzii.prg 28 kB
C64BlitzII.txt 2 kB

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