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Written by Johan Berntsson, 8 February 2021

This is a game written in Commodore 64 Basic. It was entered
into the PUR-80 category of the Basic 10Liner Contest 2021:

The game features complete gameplay with large colourful tiles.
sounds effects.

Sokoban is a puzzle video game genre in which the player pushes
diamonds around in a warehouse, trying to get them to marked
storage locations.

You move the player tile with the a,s,w and d keys. If you need
to restart you push run/stop (or escape if using an emulator)
and "run" the program again.

The main code is sokoban.txt which contains
comments, and allows the basic lines to be split
across multiple source lines

The make script uses Unix utilities (tr, sed) to strip
the comments and merge lines from sokoban.txt to produce
a basic source file. This source file is compiled to a
C64 basic program using the petcat utility from the
Vice emulator. petcat is also used to produce a stripped
basic listing in sokoban.bas, which is the same as the one
seen in the C64 (with control codes expanded to text i
equivalents like those used in type-in listings in
Compute!'s Gazette and similar magazines in the 80's).
The script then launches the program using x64, the
Commodore 64 emulator also from the Vice package.

Feel free to use my make script for your own projects,
and modify it as needed.

Have fun!

Install instructions



The game should work well in pretty much any Commodore 64 emulator. I recommend Vice, since it has been tested on Vice during development. Please make sure you have sound enabled.

1. Start Vice. 

2. Attach disk image sokoban.d64 to device 8.

 3. Type: load"sokoban",8 <Enter> 

4. Type: run <Enter>

With hardware support it is also possible to use the d64 file to either load directly from a real Commodore 64, or to convert the d64 to a real floppy and use it in the Commodore 64.


sokoban.d64 170 kB
sokoban.prg 694 bytes
readme.txt 1 kB
sokoban.txt 4 kB
sokoban.bas 1 kB

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