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# Snake80

Snake game in 10 lines, PUR-80 (80 chars per line) in SAM Coupe BASIC.

You control the Snake with the keys Q, A, O & P for up, down, left, right. 
Eating food gains you a point and extends your Snake length by 1. If you 
chomp your own tail you die. You start as a snake of 1 and can freely move
in any direction until you eat something.

Included is a SAM Coupe DSK image (EDSK format). To play, you can use SimCoupe
available from here: http://www.simcoupe.org/download/

From the boot screen: File -> Open -> Select disk image
You will see the message "no AUTO* file" (if you don't type BOOT and hit Enter)
LOAD "snake80"        # to load the game
RUN              # to start the game

Hit ESC at any time to exit out and to the source listing.

If the palette effects are making things unreadable, enter:

PALETTE          # To reset the palette
PEN 15           # To use white pen for listing text
PAPER 0          # To set the background to black

More detail on how the code works is available here: 



basic10.dsk 840 kB
Snake.pdf 1 MB

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