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“RUINS XCAPE” by Davide Fichera (Naufr4g0 of Phaze101)

2021 BASIC 10-Liner contest

(category: PUR-80)



Hardware: Commodore 64

Language: Standard BASIC V2



You are crossing a desert covered with the ruins of a past civilization. The wind blows the sharp fragments of ruins rock into the air, which are fatal if touched.

You play as a brave adventurer, fleeing the dangerous sandstorm. He  always runs to the right of the screen at a certain speed. Your task is to divert his path up and down trying to make him avoid the flying sharp rocks. Each game screen features a gemstone, hidden in the sand, that gives you a bonus score if collected. The game becomes more and more difficult because panic leads the adventurer to run faster!



Use Joystick in port #2:

up/down = increases the adventurer's speed up and down respectively

fire    = play again on game over

0 deffnr(x)=int(rnd(1)*x):dimp(39),x:ready,v,vc,jo,m,f,h,k:pokev+39,2:fori=0to3:readd(i):next
1 a=rnd(-ti):fori=0to7:poke832+i*3,255:reada:poke960+i*3,a:next:u=2:pokev+32,7:pokev+33,7:gosub9
2 print"{brown}{clear}{black}"s:fori=0to39:p=1027+fnr(25)*40+fnr(37):p(i)=p:pokep,fnr(f):next:x=16:data150
3 x=x+u:y=y+w:pokev,xand255:pokev+16,-(x>=f):pokev+1,y:a=peek(vc):ify<50ory>242thenw=-w
4 onpeek(vc)and1goto8:ifpeek(vc-1)thenpokev+21,1:s=s+250*u:pokem,15:pokem,.:a=peek(vc-1):print"{home}{black}"s
5 ifx>344thenu=u+.5:s=s+u*50:gosub9:goto2:data53248,53279,56320,54296,256,1024,2023,-40,1
6 j=notpeek(jo):w=w-.5*(jand1)+.25*(jand2):t=t+1and3:ift>0goto3:data40,-1,24,52,122,245,161
7 q=fnr(40):p=p(q):c=peek(p):pokep,32:p=p+d(fnr(4)):on-(p<horp>k)goto3:pokep,c:p(q)=p:goto3
8 poke214,11:print:printtab(16)"game over":waitjo,16,16:s=0:u=2:w=0:y=150:gosub9:goto2:data82,36,24
9 poke2040,13:poke2041,15:pokev+2,fnr(216)+40:pokev+3,fnr(192)+50:pokev+40,6:pokev+21,3:return


Ruins Xcape.prg 737 bytes
Ruins Xcape.pdf 250 kB
readme.txt 933 bytes
code.txt 974 bytes

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