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* Route66 E256 *

by FeCO, 2023

Basic10Liner Contest, Extrem-256 Category

Commodore 16/116/232/Plus4

First press any key in the intro screen, then please wait the screen will switch of for faster drawing, even with this trick you have to wait around 1.5 minutes, meanwile you can see a color show :)

After the draw completed, you can start the game with any keypress.

You drive on the famous Route 66. You shouldnt leave the road, but it isnt the only thing to do. Your time is short (indicates the green line on the bottom), so you have to collect the clocks, but avoid the puddles.


"Z" - left,

"X" - right,

"Q" - quit the game.

Program lines:

0 - Set the graphic mode, colors, show the intro.

1 - Draw the sky and the grass. Poke - turn off the screen for faster drawing.

2 - Draw center line, and sides, POKE - sets the keyboard rate

3 - Part 2: Draw the sides of the road. Part1: Error handling - if the car run off the road, game restarts

4  - Draw the clock/puddles

5 - Poke - switch back the screen,  draw the car, keyboard handling with a For (until M) , set the object type(T) and color(K) and position (H) if there isnt object on the road (L=0) I have to use TRAP command to handle the car leave the road (causing illegal quantity error in line 6 but GOTO3 instead), Color0, Color3 - "moving" the road

6 - Engine sounds chek keypresses Z,X,Q - , and move the car

7 - Check if it is on the last position (G=7), and collision check about the car and the object  - if its puddle, game ends, if it is clock then time extends it depends the color of the object (K).

8 - Time goes, Color3, Color0 - move the road, move the object it times up, game ends.

9 - "lights up" the objects v(),w()

Have fun!



Route66.rtf 2 kB
Route66byFeCO.prg 1 kB

Install instructions

Recommended emulator: Yape

Install the emulator then File/Load PRG, select Route66byFeCO.PRG, and click "Megnyitas".

Type RUN and press Return(Enter).

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