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*        Rockfall by Craig 'preppie' Miller        *


* Entry for 2021 NOMAM 10 liner extrem-256 contest *


This .zip file contains the following.

Instructions.txt = this file you're reading

ROCKFALL.BMP - graphic of the whole 10 line program

Rockfall.gif - gif to demonstrate game

Rockfall.xex - stand alone game

Rockfall.atr - disk file containing FastBasic 4.5.2 and the rockfall game

documentation - explantion of the game code, this can also be run using the FastBasic 4.5.2 cross compiler


a)Game details

b)Game instructions

c)How to run stand alone game

d)How to view code and run game


a)GAME: Rockfall

Author: Craig 'Preppie' Miller

Location: United Kingdom

Platform: Atari 800xl 64k (PAL) - should run fine on NTSC

Memory: 64k the xex may run with as little as 16k but I can't garuntee it won't crash, 64k will be needed for the ATR

Language: FastBasic 4.5.2

Category: EXTREM-256


b)Game Instructions

1)Use the joystick to move your player around.

2)Collect the gems until the exit for the next level opens (Gems needed/collect is shown at top left).

3)Avoid falling rocks/gems and enemies

4)Drop rocks on enemies to create more gems.

5)Exit the level before the timer runs out.

6)Points are gained for collecting gems (more points for gems once exit is open) and for time remaining.

7)If you finish all levels you'll start again with less time.

8)When you run out of lives press the trigger to start a new game.


b)How to Load Game

1. Ensure Altirra is setup for a standard Atari 800xl 64k with NO CARTRIDGE

2. Double click rockfall.XEX to play game


c)How to View Code and run

1. Ensure Altirra is setup for a standard Atari 800xl with NO CARTRIDGE

2. Double click rockfall.atr

3. When FastBasic is loaded press <RETURN>

4. enter FBI <RETURN>

5. press CTRL + L


7. Use cursor keys to move around the code in the IDE

8. press CTRL-R to run the game



docu.tur 18 kB
docu.xex 4 kB
Instructions.txt 2 kB
Rockfall.atr 130 kB
Rockfall.xex 4 kB

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