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"Qubes" by Sharpworks
Written in BASIC for the 2021 BASIC 10Liner Contest.
Category "PUR-80"
Program a game in 10 lines (max 80 characters per logical line, abbreviations
are allowed).
Attention: In this category only factory built-in BASIC variants are allowed
How to Start the Game
Qubes is a game for the Sharp MZ-80A 8-bit computer. You can use the enclosed
emulator to play the game but it should work on any MZ-80A emulator. To get the
latest version of the emulator please visit here:
I have made a YouTube video showing how to launch the emulator and then load
the game, this can be found here:
The MZ-80A was marketed as a 'clean computer', meaning that there is no
programming language already in memory when the computer is switched on.
However, one of the tapes packaged with the machine was the SA-5510
BASIC interpreter. Therefore this is the default BASIC provided with
the MZ-80A and is the one used for my game.
Game Description
The idea of the game is simple. You are placed inside a square game
arena and you are tasked with collecting as many 'Qubes' as possible before
the enemy Collector swipes them away from your grasp! You have exactly
one minute to collect as many as you can before the game ends.
You are free to move in any direction you like across the entire area
of the arena. The enemy Collector exists on a fixed clockwise
trajectory around the edges of the square arena. However, they are allowed
to move at twice your speed.
To control your player please use the numeric keypad:
     _      |      _
LEFT|4|---- | ----|6|RIGHT
     -      |      -
One a minute has passed the game will end and return to the "Ready." prompt.


QUBES.mzf 711 bytes

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