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Petscii Raiders


Written by Peter Caspari for the BASIC 10Liner Contest 2023.

Language: Commodore 64 Basic v2

Category: PUR-120

The game


Based on the classic space invaders game.  Destroy all raiders while avoiding guided projectiles from the mother ship at the top of the screen

Controls and play


Use left, right and fire on the joystick in port 2.

Expanded and commented version.  Can be cut and pasted directly into CBM prg Studio


0 dims$(42):N=54272:V=53248:X=99:reada$,p$,d$:rem setup variables

1B$="{down*2}"+A$+A$+A$+A$+"{down}":rem setup raider string

2I$="{148} {down}{left}":J$=" "+CHR$(20)+"{down}":FORT=1TO23:L$=L$+I$

10 M$=M$+J$:NEXT:rem create strings to shift raiders left and right

11PRINT"{clear}";:POKEV+1,229:POKEv+5,99:rem sprite initial locations

12POKE2040,13:POKE2041,14:POKE2042,15:rem setup sprite memory locations

13SYS59749:rem initiate vertical scrolling call

14POKE210,208:PRINTTAB(21)p$:rem setup sprite with print to memory hack

15POKE995,7:POKE998,7:rem rem draw bomb sprite

20 FORT=832TO892STEP3:POKET+1,ASC(MID$(d$,(T-832)/3+1,1)):POKET+66,1:rem draw ship and laser sprite

21d=d+1:s$(d)=L$:s$(d+21)=M$:NEXT:rem create strings to shift raiders left and right

22 POKEN+24,15:POKEN+5,9:rem setup sound

30 POKEN+6,63:POKEV+30,0:POKEN+4,33:pokev+30,0:rem setup sound

31 h=0:c=0:e=40:b=165:l=l+1:rem initial variable settings

32 PRINT"{home}{yellow}"b$:?"{green}"b$:ifl>1then?"{purple}"b$:ifl>2then?"{cyan}"b$:rem setup screen

40 PRINT"{home}{light green}hits"S"{left}  {blue}level"l"{left}  {red}{cm q}{reverse on}--{reverse off}{cm w}":PRINT"{home}{down}";:rem draw header

41C=C+1:?s$(c)"{home}":IFC=21orc=42THENSYS59777:B=165:e=40:rem scroll raiders and reset bomb

50 b=b+sgn(x-b)*(l+1):e=e+12:e=abs(255-e):e=255-e:rem move bomb

51J=PEEK(56320):X=abs(X+6*(SGN(JAND4)-SGN(JAND8))):x=abs(255-x):x=255-x:rem move ship

52 ifc=42thenc=0:rem reset scrolling

60 pokev+4,b:pokev+5,e:i=0:rem render bomb

61 POKEV,X:POKEV+2,X:rem set x position for ship and laser

62 if(JAND16)=16thenforz=1to150:next:rem delay when not firing

63 goto90:data "{space}{cm b} {reverse on}{cm b}{reverse off}{space}{down}{left*5} {reverse on}W.W{reverse off}{space}{down}{left*5}{space}{reverse on}{cm b}{cm t}{reverse off}{cm b}{space}{up*2}{left}"

69 rem fire laser and exit when collision detected

70 pokev+2,x:forj=208to80step-8:pokev+3,j:POKEN+1,j:if(PEEK(V+31)AND2)=0thennext:goto90:data"7{right}0{right*3}0{right}1{right}000{right*5}311"

80 FP=1024+(X)/8+INT((J-42)/8)*40:rem convert sprite location to screen memory location

81 i=sgn(peek(fp)-32)+sgn(peek(fp-40)-32):rem count sparts of raider hit

82 h=h+i:rem hit counter

83 POKEFP,32:pokeFP-40,32:rem clear hit parts of raider

84 ifh=32+l*32orh=128then30:rem check if level completed

90 s=s+i:rem increment score

91 POKEN+1,20:pokev+3,0:POKEN+1,0:rem beep and clear laser

92 ifPEEK(V+31)<>1and(PEEK(V+30)AND1)=0then40:rem check for collisions

93 data"zzzzzzz{cm x}{cm x}{cm x}{pi}{pi}{cm x}{cm x}{cm x}{cm x}{cm x}{pi}{pi}{cm x}{cm x}"

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AuthorBASIC 10Liner
Tags8-Bit, basic, basic10liner, commodore, Commodore 64


petraiders.d64 170 kB
petraiders.txt 3 kB

Install instructions



You can use any Commodore 64 emulator that works with *.d64 files, commonly used is VICE.

- In VICE:

- Click: File -> Attach disk image -> Unit #8

- Select: petraider.d64

- Click: Open 



RUN Again to restart the game

On the real hardware, just load with:



RUN Again to restart the game


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Nice game !