A downloadable game


(c) 2021 by Victor Parada

Drive to POINT Z, jumping over
craters and other obstacles,
shooting to destroy the big
ones and UFOs.

Game written for NOMAM's
BASIC 10-liners Contest 2021.

- Atari XL/XE (or emulator)
- FastBasic 4.4 IDE
- Joystick

Load instructions:
- Boot PATROL.ATR disk
  without BASIC ROM.
- Load FBI.COM from DOS.
- Type CTRL-L and type
  D:PATROL.LST and press
  RETURN key.
- Type CTRL-R to parse 
  and run the game.
- Play the game.
- Press Fire to play again.

Game instructions:
- Move the joystick to the
  right to accelerate and
  to the left to reduce it.
- Move the joystick upwards
  to jump over small rocks
  and craters.
- Use the trigger to fire
  to the big rocks and UFOs.
- If your buggy craches, you
  must start the zone again.
- Every time you complete
  a zone, you will recover a
  buggy, up to 5 units.
- The game finishes when you
  reach Point Z or when you
  don't have more buggies.



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Nice graphics!