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Mini bomber by teki

A remake of a game which I used to type in when I was a kid. I did not get a storage device with my computer, so I had to type in a game if I wanted to play it.

The code is for a Hungarian computer, the Videoton TV Computer. Emulator download link for Windows: <a href="<a href=" http:="" tvc.homeserver.hu="" "="">http://tvc.homeserver.hu/</a>bin/emu/tvc220.zip" class="redactor-linkify-object">http://tvc.homeserver.hu/bin/emu/tvc220.zip (http://tvc.homeserver.hu/ is foll of Hungarian resources for the TVC)

Game instructions:

SPACE - drop a bomb

You will get 10 points each time it hits the O. The speed of O is random and the drop height is random too.

Code in text:

20 BYO=RND(15):BY=BYO:SP=RND(10)+2:BS=0
30 FOR I=0 TO 63:A$=INKEY$:IF A$=" " THEN BS=1
40 BY=BY+BS:PRINT AT 1,50:"Score:",P
50 PRINT AT 23, I:"O";:PRINT AT BY,32:"X";
70 PRINT AT 23, I:" ";:PRINT AT BY,32:" ";
80 IF BY = 23 AND I = 32 THEN P = P + 10:GOTO 20
90 IF BY = 23 THEN BY = BYO: BS = 0
100 NEXT:GOTO 30

This is a very simple game. A few TVC specific instructions:

INKEY$ reads the keyboard without blocking.

SOUND makes a sound, used for delay here. It does not block, but the second SOUND instruction with the semicolon will wait for the first one to finish (without the semicolon it interrupts previous SOUND). The unit if DURATION is 1/50s.

Install instructions

To start the game:

- start emulator

- wait ~5 seconds to display the logo, then hit SPACE

- ALT+C loads cas files, select bom.cas

- type RUN then enter

Emu instructions:

ALT+C - load game from cas

F1 - soft reset machine (memory not cleared)

ALT+F1 - hard reset

TVC instructions:

CTRL+END - stop running basic program


bom.cas 435 bytes
minibom.txt 1 kB

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