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-= Minefield Survivor         =-
-=                            =-
-= Written by Doczens         =-
-= 2023 Basic 10Liner Contest =-
-= C64 (PUR-80)               =-

I have read about the Basic 10Liner Contest in a Hungarian IT magazine. My first

computer was a C64, and it was the entry point to my career as a computer 

engineer. Nostalgia swept me away, so I decided to write a game, and apply.

My first idea was a logic game, and as a first step I decided to code a 

Minesweeper-like game, to check if it fits to 10 lines. Then I also started to 

experiment if I can mimic the visual vibe of the original Windows game on C64 

character screen.

At this point I was not satisfied with the results:

 - I had some characters left.

 - Generating the whole minefield at startup was long and boring.

 - I wanted more action.

After some trial and rewrite I decided to try to add a twist and make an arcade

version based on the original concept. And the result is Minefield Survivor. 

Prepare for the action!

So, you are controlling a soldier on a minefield, starting at the bottom of the

screen and head to the top. You can move step by step, and you need to avoid

mines based on the numbers you recover on the field. To make your life even

harder, beside the mines you are also threaten by enemy fire. As in real life,

one hit kills you, so reaching higher level with increasing number of mines

really requires patience and concentration, and sometimes also luck.

The soldier can be controlled with the keyboard:

 - Q, A (up/down) 

 - N, M (left/right)

Let’s start and survive!


minesur.bas 2 kB
minesur.d64 170 kB
minesur.txt 863 bytes
readme.txt 2 kB

Install instructions

The game was developed with CBM prg studio and tested on the VICE emulator and

on the BCM64 running on a Raspberry PI.

The game is delivered on a D64 disk image.

In VICE first attach the disk image from the menu:

 - File -> Attach disk image-> Drive #8

 - Load the basic version with LOAD”MINESUR”,8 and RUN.

A compiled version is also available on the disk, which is compiled from the

same basic code with mospeed and runs faster, making the challenge to avoid

enemy fire more difficult:

 - Load the compiled version with LOAD”MINESURFAST”,8,1 and RUN.

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