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Category: PUR120
Platform: C64
Emulator: Vice is fine
A master mind game for c64, category PUR120
driiiiiiiin...tum tum tu-tun tuntum  - tu-tun tuntum    tu-tun tuntum  - tu-tun tuntum (it's the Mission Impossible ost intro, didn't recognize it?)
You are a secret agent, so secret that someone has secreted you in a cage in St.Nicholas (so it's called Nicholas' cage), with a nice TNT about to explode.
Your only hope is in your brain, if you manage to guess the secret code the trap will shutdown and the door will open.
Who doesn't know Master Mind game? You? Ok, these are the rules: your aim is to guess the secret colours combination, made by 4 different colours.
You have 23 attemptes (quite enough also for Mike Myers from Austin Powers), you start putting your random combinatin of 4 colours and checking the feedback on the left.
The feedback is this: you have a black pin for each right colour in the right position, and a light gray pin for each right colour in the wrong position.
Simple as this.
You can so make your suppositions and calibrate your trials.
On the left you have a stack of empty trials, on the right you have the TNT looking you threateningly, with its wick lighted and shortening as you proceed with your trials. Under the TNT there is your area of game with the palette of colours used by the game.
Using joystick in port #2 you move horizontally an aim over the palette of available colors. When you press fire, the colour you are on is put on the current row of the trials stack, first in the first position, then in the second, and so on unti 4th. So after pressing 4 times fire on 4 colours, you have put the 4 colours to try. 
If you press more than 4 times, the trials stack row begins again to be populated. So you can change your choice.
How to commit your combination? move the aim on the right of the palette, over the arrow symbol, and  - tada - you have done your move.
1) there is no checking on your move. You can commit an empty move or a move with duplicated colours. Sorry, but in 10 lines this is the best I could do
2) be careful, for some matter the joystick is very sensitive, it's like the program was written in ASM!!
3) if you put empy or colours-duplicated move, the world will survive but feedback it's probably odd.
That's all, have fun!
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AuthorBASIC 10Liner
Tags8-Bit, basic, basic10liner, Commodore 64


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