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Jozin z Bazin Dance Quest TVC by FeCO

Written for Basic10liner competition, category: "Extreme 256"

Computer: VideoTON TV-Computer 64K+ (TVC), Basic 2.2

Recommended emulator: WinTVC




You know Jozin z Bazin song from Ivan Mladek band, dont you? For those who missed it:

This is dance quest: I show and you should repeat the dance from the clip.

You have to wait a while after start the game, then a beep, and border switching to blue - you can check/learn the key control functions (press 0-9) you can press the keys 20 times. After that the border switch to purple: you have to learn the move (one step increase in every cycle). Then the border switch back to grey, any its your turn: press the numbers to reproduce the dance. If you failed, border turns red, if it was OK, border will green. If the steps finished the game restarts from training. This is an embedded version to fit ten line, full version will be available soon.



I have to use constants to reduce the size of the lines, these were in the begin and the end of the lines.

1-7: phases of the dance 

 5: d$ = dance data 

 7/2: training (20 key press) 

 8: "listen and repeat" 

 9: restart or show the movement 

 10: music data + music player / quit option


JzBDanceQ.cas 2 kB
JozinZBazinDanceQuestB10L2.rtf 3 kB

Install instructions


 Download WinTVC1.3.0 emulator from tvc.hu. You will find 'emulators' Section (as Emulátorok - green fonts) if you scroll down the menu on the left side of the homepage, seek 'WINTVC' (cyan) title, and click 'LETÖLTÉS' below. On the next page click 'WinTVC1.3.0', extract the zip file to desired folder, then just click WinTVC.exe or WinTVCx64 depends your OS. Please wait a while, then TVC ROM starts by a blue desktop. Then press any key, after that picture will switch to black and you should see Basic version and free memory. This emulator can emulate all of the TVC series, so you have to switch the configuration from the default TVC32K to TVC64K+ in this order: press ALT+K, this opens a window 'Gép konfiguráció' (system configuration), stay on the 'Standard konfiguráció' field and pop down the combobox. Select 'TVC 64K+ / BASIC2.2' - you will find this on the bottom, and click OK.

Now the emulator is in required, TVC 64K+ mode.

To load the program, please press ALT+C and select 'JzBDanceQ.cas' from the folder where you downloaded that, and click 'OK'. Type 'RUN' and have fun!


If you arent familiar with the VideoTON TVC Computers, you are not alone. This computer built and sold mostly in Hungary, Europe. The category between the ZX-Spectrum or  Amstrad CPC, and between Enterprise 128 (lets say: the successor). 32, and 64k Memory, Z80 processor and 16 (hmm... actually 15) color. It has four expansion slots, which makes it unique and quite expandable. You can find more information at www.tvc.hu, and you should use Google translator i guess.

Development log


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