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Title: Jaywalking Chicken

System TI-99/4A Extended BASIC

Author:Carlos Santiago, Feb 2023


Gameplay instructions:

- Chicken will start moving forward automatically across the road from the bottom to the top

- Stop the chicken by pressing and holding the space bar

- Release the space bar to let the chicken continue moving forward

- Don't hit the cars; hitting any car will send your chicken back a few steps

- Cars reset and speed up randomly every time the chicken reaches the top

- SC is the score (number of times chicken has crossed the road)

- HITS keeps track of how many times a car has hit the chicken

- Try to cross 10 times with as fewer hits as possible

- Game will freeze after crossing 10 times.  The final number of hits will remain on screen

- Press ALT-4 during gameplay to stop the game and RUN to retry


 Can the chicken cross the road 10 times and remain harmless?



Carlos Santiago


Jaywalking Chicken.docx 191 kB

Install instructions

-Download and Install Classic 99 Emulator -> http://harmlesslion.com/software/classic99/


- When you open the emulator for the first time select Cartridge -> Apps -> Extended BASIC and confirm restart


- Press any key on the TI-99 splash screen then select 2-Extended BASIC


- Go to the text file  with the source code (JAYCHICKEN.TXT) and Select All-> Copy, go to Classic 99 and select Edit Paste XB


- list the program using LIST


- run the program using RUN

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