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* FlooderTVC  PUR120 *

by FeCO, 2023

Category: PUR-120

Computer: VideoTON TV-Computer (TVC), Basic 1.2

Recommended emulator: WinTVC

My next program for the 2023 BASIC10Liner contest. My final and maybe the finest  Flooder game for this year, this time for VideoTON TV Computer, and PUR-120 category.

Simple Floodit game now different object sizes and more and more and more colors, so 28 different levels.

Use numer keys displays on the right side, and press f when finished the level. You will earn more points when you paint the screen to same color in less keypresses.

The points will show at the end of the game.


1-9 - paint the objects

f - finish the stage - if you failed, the game will restarting.

Program lines: 

 1 - Set graphics mode for title screen, display the title screen, wait for a key, set the colors and the first stage (M - size of the objects), set the graphic mode of the game 

 2 - Clear the screen, then display the number of the stage, built the object as size of M, then clear screen again. 

3 - Display the numbers (the keys) on the right side based on the level (l). if level reached 7 (=  black color) then it transforms to color 11. Resets the keypress-counter (p) 

 4 - Set the keypress counter depends of the stage (f). Prepare the stage (X,Y), set the random color (S) 

 5 - Print the objects, sound 

 6 - Control the keypresses, F - (finish the game), first paint black then goto 8th line. If number keys pressed depends the level, set the color of the paint (K) 

7 - If Level>6 and key '8' pressed (black) then pains color 11, it paints the displayed color and increase P (keypresses) 

8 - Check the objects of the state, is it black painted (v=192) or empty (v=0) if not, you failed, runs the game from the beginning. 

9 - After the check, it reset the colors, add the points 

10 - If you didnt finished the levels (level < 11) increase, else if you didnt finished the game (M=0) then decrease the objects site - as the stage and goto 2. Else you finished the game: COMPLETED! and shows your points.

Have fun!


FlooderTVC.cas 796 bytes

Install instructions


Download WinTVC emulator from tvc.hu. You will find 'emulators' Section (as Emulátorok - green fonts) if you scroll down the menu on the left side of the homepage, seek 'WINTVC' (cyan) title, and click 'LETÖLTÉS' below. On the next page click 'WinTVC', extract the .zip file to desired folder, then just click WinTVC.exe or WinTVCx64 depends your OS. Please wait a while, then TVC ROM starts by a blue desktop. Then press any key, after that picture will switch to black and you should see BASIC version and free memory. This emulator can emulate all of the TVC series.

To load the program, please press ALT+C and select 'FlooderTVC.cas' from the folder where you downloaded that, and click 'OK'. Type 'RUN' and have fun! Press any key to start the game when you are in the title screen.

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