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The game

You are a flea (floh, in Deutsch) and like to jump around. You don't like to do it at the same block, so you must jump into another block each time. You can control the flea using joystick at port 0 and jump higher just keeping the button pressed when jumping. You suceed when jumping all blocks, keeping jumping in a different one each time. Be aware that the blocks can be jumped only 5 times, after that they will dissapear!! So think about the order you will jump them, the color of the blocks will change to tell you that there are only a few times mores to jump at the block.

How to play

The flea keeps jumping all the time, you have just to move it to the right or to the left, using the joystick. You can jump higher pressing the button.

All blocks should be jumped until they dissapear from the screen. That happens when you jump some times on them, so keep an eye on the order you do it and don't jump on the same block twice or you will die! Also, if you miss a block you will die as well.

Using an emulator

The game was developed on a Atari 800 XL computer. You can use an emulator, i tested on Atari 800 MacX (https://github.com/atarimacosx/Atari800MacX) Just configure to use floh.atr and when ready type LOAD "D:FLOH.BAS", then execute with RUN.


floh.atr 130 kB
floh_description.txt 1 kB

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