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# ET: the Extra Terrestrial

A remake of the Atari classic in 10 lines, PUR-120 (120 chars per line) in SAM Coupe BASIC.

You control ET using the keys Q, A, O & P. The objective is to collect all the bits of phone and then escape in the rocket. Bits of phone are hidden in pits on the map, which you need to explore. Explored pits are cleared. Trying to stop you are 3 agents which follow you around the map. They can move more quickly over diagonals and will get more desperate as you collect more pieces of the phone, getting faster. Once you have 5 bits of phone the rocket will appear, and you must race to get there before the agents catch you.

The game is hard, but completable (see the included GIF). The trick is to choose carefully the  order of the pits you clear and use the agents behaviour on diagonals to herd them out of the way.

Included is a SAM Coupe DSK image (EDSK format). To play, you can use SimCoupe
available from here: http://www.simcoupe.org/download/

From the boot screen: File -> Open -> Select disk image
You will see the message "no AUTO* file" (if you don't type BOOT and hit Enter)
LOAD "et"        # to load the game
RUN              # to start the game

Hit ESC at any time to exit out and to the source listing.

If the palette effects are making things unreadable, enter:

PALETTE          # To reset the palette
PEN 15           # To use white pen for listing text
PAPER 0          # To set the background to black

More detail on how the code works is available here: 



basic10.dsk 840 kB
ET.pdf 1 MB

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