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Title: "Cheap LCD game simulator"

Platform: Commodore 16 / Plus/4

Language: Commodore BASIC V3.5



A friend gave you a shiny LCD game as a present. Its housing is yellow, the screen shows an empty road across a green field below a blue sky. The battery is in a good shape, they say. There is a left and right button on it. You press START.



- LCD game simulation

- beautiful multi-color scenery

- controllable via left and right buttons

- lame like a (cheap) real one

- a truly disposable software

- battery included

- It has sounds!



Your car is placed on a road, on which your car is moving, even if you don't notice that. There are other cars coming down on this road, and you must avoid them using your cursor LEFT and RIGHT buttons. You can only drive either on the left or the right side. Note that other cars beside yours look like just yours, the only difference is that your driver and a passenger are visible. If you crash into another car, a crash sound plays and some flying particles are visible for a short time. The game goes on anyway. Note that the battery lasts around 2 minutes, after that you must dispose of your game.



Use the LIST command to view the program lines. You can use the LIST from-to syntax to list certain intervals, eg. LIST 1-5.

0-2 background gfx

3 enemy cars and crash gfx

4 loop start: player steering, battery check

5-7 ingame gfx

8 loop end: enemy car moves

9 sub: determine LCD color



A$ pressed key

B conditions for coloring objects

const B$ "LOW BATTERY" text

C(0-2,1-2) enemy cars threads (nearness: 0-2, side: 1:left, 2:right)

const C$ crash gfx

const C$(0-2) enemy car gfx phases

I,J loop variables

O last car position (0-5: on screen, 6-: past screen)

P player move (0: none, 1: left, 2: right)

S player car side (1: left, 2: right)

const S$ 12x space

const T$ set window top string

V volume and battery power (0-6.9)

const X(1-6) cars gfx positions X coordinates (order: columns then rows)



\ * / - I=2 and J=S and C(I,J)

 O O - I=2 and J=S

-CAR- - I=2 and (J=S or C(I,J))


Cheap LCD game simulator.d64 170 kB
program description and instructions.txt 2 kB
Proof.fre 64 kB

Install instructions



Recommended emulator: YAPE http://yape.homeserver.hu/

How to start the game:

1. File / Attach disk image...

2. Select and open the .d64 image

3. Enter command: DLOAD"*" and press Enter

4. If you wish to LIST the program, see PROGRAM LINES OVERVIEW section.

5. Enter command: RUN and press Enter

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