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The Competition Rules: Write a game in no more than 10 lines of code, with
no more than 80* characters per line. Using only the standard power on built-in

My System of Choice: Mattel Electronics Aquarius
Programmer: Roy Templeman
Language: BASIC v1.0

*The Aquarius only supports 72 characters per line!

3ifk$<>"z"andk$<>"x"then5:dataC,A,V,E," ",N,A,V,I,G,A,T,O,R," ",2,1
9poke(y+80),209:?:?"Dead! You Scored:";s:fori=0to4000:next:a$="":run

Game Rules and Instructions
You have been sent to an alien planet to investigate the rich deposits of ‘O’,
a vital energy source for the planetary defence system. The deposits are
deep beneath the surface, trapped within caves that descend in to the
alien planets core. You must navigate your shuttle pod using the ‘z’ and ‘x’
keys, this will activate the pods side thrusters and move you from side to
side, but once on the move the shuttle will continue to move in that direction!
You must avoid hitting the cave walls, while trying to navigate on to the ‘O’
deposits. This is harder than it seems however, as the magnetic properties
of the walls are playing havoc with the shuttles thrusters! Trying to navigate
on to the vital ‘O’ deposits is extremely difficult as you must be precise in order to get the vital energy.
If you successfully manage to grab the ‘O’ you will hear a confirmation beep, but you
must stay alert! Successfully grabbing some ‘O’ will increase your score by 50 points!
So it is well worth pursuing. Hitting the walls will result in instant death! And the game will start again. Be warned though.. the cave walls get narrower every 100 points and the amount of ‘O’ depletes the deeper you go. Try to stay alive for as long as possible and collect as much ‘O’ energy as you can on your way down! Carry on commander!
And good luck!


10Liner Submission Description and Source v1.1.pdf 83 kB
Cave Navigator v1.0 Breakdown.pdf 171 kB
cavenav.CAQ 556 bytes

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