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Written by David Plass for the BASIC 10-liner Contest 2023

Language: TRS-80 Model 100 BASIC
Category: PUR-80

This and other games are available in my GitHub repo at

All code in that repo is released under the MIT License.

It's Breakout.

You get 5 paddles to bounce the ball and destroy as many of the blocks as you can. You earn 10 points per block destroyed, and if you clear all the blocks,
the field resets and the game continues.

Control your paddle using the "f" key to move it left and the "j" key for right. Any other key will stop the paddle.

Source code is in BOUNCE.DO. It will only run on a Tandy 100 or Tandy 102 laptop or emulator.

NOTE: Some of the characters in this description may look funny, but in the .DO or .BA file, they are correct.

0 R=RND(1+PEEK(63795)):CLS:?CHR$(27)"VBounce!":?"S:"S:B$=STRING$(20,"ÿ"):?"P:

Set up the random number generator and the score and paddle count.
B$ is a string that holds a whole line of blocks for printing.

1 V%=-512:C=0:P=20:FORI=0TO7:?@9+40*I,"ê"TAB(30)"é":NEXT:?@50,B$:?@90,B$

V%: base of video memory
C: count of blocks left
P: horizontal location of the paddle

Then, draw the field: 7 rows of vertical lines, and two lines of blocks (B$).

2 A=P:B=6:X=.5+RND(1)/4:Y=-X:?@82,5-L:IFL=5THEN?@175,"Game over":END

A&B: The X&Y location of the ball
X&Y: The X&Y velocity of the ball.
Print the # of paddles left (5-L)
If the # of paddles used is 5, game over.

3 IFP<>QTHEN?@280+Q,"    

Erase where the paddle might have been (variable Q)

4 ?@280+P,"çççç":?@FIX(A)+40*FIX(B)," ":A=A+X:B=B+Y:IFB<0THENB=0:Y=-Y

Draw the paddle in its current location (P)
Erase the old location of the ball (A,B)
Update the location of the ball (A,B) using its velocities (X,Y)
If the ball tries to go off the top, bounce (Y=-Y)


If the ball tries to go off the left or right of the field, bounce (X=-X)


If the ball tries to go off the bottom of the field, and it has hit the paddle,
its Y direction is reversed (bounce), and its X direction is augmented by the
direction of the paddle (D). If it hasn't hit the paddle, you lose a life, back to line 2.

7 N%=A+40*FIX(B):IFPEEK(V%+N%)=255THENY=-Y:S=S+10:?@42,S:C=C+1:IFC=40THEN0

Figure out the new location of the ball on the screen (N%)
If it has hit a block (255), bounce in the Y direciton (Y=-Y), increase the score, and update the score
Increment the # of blocks hit (C=C+1), and if all blocks have been cleared, restart. (Note, the
score and # of lives is not reset)

8 ?@N%,"":K$=INKEY$:D=-(K$="")*D+(K$="f")-(K$="j"):Q=P:P=P+D

Draw the ball at its new locationh
Get a key. If the key is f, set the paddle direction D=-1; if it is j, set D=1; otherwise, D=0
Remember the old location of the paddle in Q, and update the paddle location P using its velocity.

9 D=D*((P>26ORP<10)+1):P=P+(P>26)-(P<10):GOTO3

If the paddle has reached one of the edges (26 or 10), set its direction (D) to 0,
and don't let it go out of the field. Jump back to line 3, which is the main loop.


BOUNCE.BA 534 bytes
BOUNCE.DO 616 bytes
description.txt 3 kB
instructions.txt 395 bytes

Install instructions

1. Open the emulator at http://bitchin100.com/CloudT/#!/M100Display

2. Scroll down on the page and click "Choose File"

3. Pick the "BOUNCE.DO" source file from your computer

4. Click in the big gray box; the cursor should be on BASIC. If not, use your keyboard to highlight BASIC and hit Enter

5. Type run"cas:bounce" (including the quotes) and hit ENTER. The program should load and start

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