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1. The project

This game was projected to be fit in 10 lines and also show how to move all the 32 sprites of MSX in a fast way although the low speed of MSX-BASIC. The achieve this, the sprites trajectory need to be pre-renderized and the game takes about 3:20 minutes before to be ready to play. Please be patient!

2. How to play

Insert the disk on MSX and after the MSX-DOS be started you need to type freeway.Then it is necessary to wait data decompressing and pre-renderization of sprites trajectory. During the process some vertical lines will be drawing. At the end of process, the street and the cars will appear.On that screen you can press:

[SPACE] or [0] Game start.

[1-7] Level select: you need to wait renderization again.Higher numbers means that fast cars has moreprobability to be present. On high levels, you can tryto choose the same level and see very different carspeeds setup due the randomization.In level 1, the unique difference is the positioning ofeach car.

And during the game:

[A/Z]Moves the left chicken.

[Up/Down]Moves the right chicken.

[ESC]Stop the game and back to Ready screen.You need to hold ESC for up to 8 seconds.

[CTRL+STOP]Quit to BASIC and you can list the code typing LIST


Freeway for MSX-Basic.dsk 720 kB
Freeway for MSX-Basic.pdf 425 kB

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To see the rain-drops falling I recomend OpenMsx or BlueMSX. It was disabled for WebMSX.

Hi Carlos, you have done an excellent job, do you have github?

Where are you from?