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# AstroInvaders

## BASIC 10 Liner for 2021

Flying in your Asteroids space figher returning to Earth after some rock breaking in the asteroid belt, you have intercepted the Space Invaders in training maneuvers on their way to attack the Moon. You must destory the invading fleet to save the moon. 

Use the joystick to fly around the fleet (Asteroids style, complete with "flip" mode). Avoid collisions and maneuver for that perfect shot. The fire button engages the single-shot (Space Invader style) photon cannon to eliminate the alien invaders. Score the most points you can before using up your three lives.

Play in Altirra as a stock Atari XL/XE machine with 64k. The [ATR disk image](https://github.com/jeffpiep/astro-invaders/releases/download/V1.0/astroinvaders.atr) is auto starting. 

## Atari TurboBASIC XL Asteroids and Space Invaders Mashup

AstroInvaders (or Surround or Invaderoids) is a mash up of Asteroids and Space Invaders originally written in 2016. It was tweaked in 2020 during the pandemic to make it a bit more challenging to play. Finally, it was released in 2021 for the [2021 BASIC 10 Liners](https://gkanold.wixsite.com/homeputerium/rules2021) game competition in the Extreme 256 category.

The [source code](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jeffpiep/astro-invaders/master/submission/surround.txt) is in a CR-LF text file. It was optimized into an 10-line BASIC program in an ATASCII file by using the [TBXL Parser](https://github.com/dmsc/tbxl-parser). The longest line of the is 252 characters as determined by the memopad.exe ATASCII editor. An [HTML listing](https://github.com/jeffpiep/astro-invaders/blob/master/submission/astroinvaders_reallisting.html) was generated using a real Atari 130XE and [FujiNet](https://fujinet.online/)'s HTML ATASCII printer emulator. 

The whole program can be seen in the following screen grab of MEMOPAD.EXE display with 128 column width:


AstroInvaders.txt 2 kB
complete_optimized_listing_128cols.png 30 kB
listing_252maxline.png 27 kB
astroinvaders.atr 90 kB

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