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As*Hole for TI99 Extended Basic   Category  "PUR-120" (rejected for PUR-120, the organizer):

Description of game :

A clone of Game & Watch Manhole.

Just use joystick to save the man from hole.

1 CALL CHAR(136,"0001030301090E061B191F1F08000000F0BCEECEFE9C7870FEFEE7F360787870",140,"2F7F3F2FFFFF33073D3F1D0903030F0F008080C08098FCFCC0E0FEFE86068080")
2 CALL CHAR(128,"0F3D77737F391E0E7F7FE7CF061E1E0E0080C0C080907060D898F8F810000000",132,"0001010301193F3F03077F7F61600101F4FEFCF4FFFFCCE0BCFCB890C0C0F0F0")
3 CALL CHAR(120,"0000000100011978F97F01065FEBFF7C03009EFFD7EBF7FFDFFFFEF070808000",124,"FFFFDE78B0606080",126,"E0C",33,"FF101010FF808080",125,"")::L=10
4 CALL COLOR(1,9,16)::CALL CLEAR::CALL HCHAR(11,1,33,448):: CALL HCHAR(15,1,32,160)::CALL VCHAR(1,9,32,128)::CALL VCHAR(1,20,32,128)   ::Z=3                                                      
5 DIM U(2),A(2),X(32),B(32),Q(16):: U(0)=49::U(1)=121::S=1::A(1)=1::SC=0:: CALL SPRITE(#27,120,2,81,43,#28,124,2,81,75)
6 CALL MAGNIFY(4) ::FOR I=1 TO 8 ::X(I),X(17-I)=(I*32)-31:: B(I),B(I+8)=2^(I-1):: CALL SPRITE(#I,128,2,192,256,#I+8,128,2,192,256):: NEXT I
7 FOR I=S TO S+7 :: T=1-T::IF (A(P) AND B(I))>0 THEN Q(I)=1::CALL PATTERN(#I,(P*8)+128+T*4)::CALL LOCATE(#I,U(P),X(I) ) ELSE Q(I)=0:: CALL LOCATE(#I,192,256)
8 NEXT I :: A(P)=A(P)*2 ::A(P)=A(P)+(((A(P) AND 8)<>8)*((INT(RND*L))=1))::CALL SOUND(20,960,0)::CALL JOYST(1,XX,YY)::IF A(P)>255 THEN A(P)=A(P)-256 
9 IF XX<>0 AND YY<>0 THEN Y1=81-((YY=-4)*72)::X1=43-((XX=4)*90)::CALL LOCATE(#27,Y1,X1,#28,Y1,X1+32)::Z=3-((YY=-4)*11)+((XX=4)*3)*(-YY/4)
10 P=1-P::S=(S=1)*-8+1:: QT=Q(S+2)+Q(S+5)::IF QT>0 THEN END ELSE IF Q(Z)=1 THEN CALL SOUND(50,1300,0)::Q(Z)=0::SC=SC+4::L=MAX(2,L-.1)::DISPLAY AT(2,20):SC::GOTO 7 ELSE 7


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Install instructions

How to load the game under Classic99 :

Set up the DSK1 with the file "LOAD".  Boot the TI99 with extended basic and play !

You can also simple do a Copy & paste on Classic99 or https://js99er.net/#/  (slower )

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