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I have another entry for the 10Liner contest.  This one for the PUR-120 category.  ACEY is a single-player card game for the TRS-80 MC-10.  A video can be viewed here:

The source code can be viewed here (highest number is latest):


ACEY can be played online at the following link by selecting it from the “Cassette” menu and then typing RUN and hitting <ENTER>:


The VMC10, with ACEY in the Cassette/JimG/4K/ dir can be downloaded here:


Just type CLOAD and hit <Enter> and then select ACEY.C10 from the Cassette/JimG/4K/ dir.  Then type RUN and hit <Enter>

Instructions as REM statements at the end of the program can be viewed by typing LIST and hitting <Enter> before running the program.

Pic attached.  Thanks again for a great contest,



ACEY.C10 1 kB
ACEY3.htm 105 kB

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