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Category : EXTREME-256

Platform : MSX2 or higher

Emulator play :


It takes about 30 seconds to start the game.

If you feel that the operation is not very comfortable, try pressing Alt+T key.

Estimated play time : 30-60 minutes

Author : Honoppe (@honowi) / honoppe_tenliner @ yu-ris.net

Objectives :

The objective of the game is to rescue the princess who has been kidnapped by monsters. You have to defeat the monsters that live in the dungeon and reach the room where the princess is trapped.

There is a strong gatekeeper there...?

Screen explanations :

1) Floor

2) Player's Health point, Level, and Experience point

3) Items in player's possession

4) Monster's Health point and Level

5) Current position

Controls :

Only the cursor keys are used in this game.

Level up :

As you gain experience point, you will level up,

Increase your offensive and defensive power,

and fully recover your health point.

Recovery grass Key Door Cage

Death :

When the player's health point reduced to 0,

the player's experience point is halved, and

return to the starting point. (level remains the same).

Warp Tunnel Cave ?

Items :

Recovery grass … You will recover a little.

Key … You can open the door and proceed to the next.

Battle :

You can damage monsters by hitting them with your body.

When you do, you'll take some damage as well. When you

defeat a monster, you will receive an experience point

according to its strength.

The damage to the monster and the damage to the player

depends on whether you attacked from the player or the

monster, and from which direction you attacked the


If you attack from the player, the monster will take heavy damage and the player will take light damage.

However, if you attack from the wrong direction, the player will take heavy damage and the monster

will take light damage.

The direction of danger is different for each monster. Keep this in mind.

Hints :

Watch out for the trap at the end!

Something will change depending on whether or not you were able to clear the game

without dying even once...?

Files :

10lines_hero.dsk : Disk Image

10lines_hero.gif : Game gif animation file

manual.pdf : Manual

manual_jp.pdf : Manual (Japanese)

program.png : Program screenshot

program_jp.png : Program screenshot (Japanese)


10lines_hero.dsk 720 kB
manual.pdf 3 MB
manual_jp.pdf 4 MB
Dungeon Map.png 278 kB

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